Yunsheng South Ming Yun 110 school sports venue is open

This newspaper on November 12th, the first batch of 14 school sports venues in Baiyun District officially opened; On November 13th, the 71 school sports venue in Yunyan District was fully open; on November 13th, there were 25 free open jurisdiction in Nanming District. School sports space … Since the municipal party committee, the municipal government has made a "two three reforms in one circle", and the education bureaus will be implemented in accordance with relevant requirements, and actively promote the eligible schools in the jurisdiction to open sports venues free of charge. On November 12th, Baiyun District opened the first batch of 14 school sports venues, including: Baiyun Nine small school (Eaton), Baiyun Ten small school (Hengda), Baiyun 15 small, Baiyun District Township, Middle School, Baiyun Sanzhong, Baiyun Fifth, Baiyun Six, Baiyun Seven Middle School, Baiyun Baiyun District National High School, Baiyun Yao, Baiyun Er High, Baiyun District Vocational and Technical School, Yuncheng Middle School, Coverage All townships and streets in the district.

Open the implementation appointment registration system, open time is the teaching date, weekend, holidays and cold summer vacations. Baiyun District plans to open the second batch of 35 school sports venues at the end of November, 2022. Open the third batch of sports spaces in 19 schools, 2022, and at that time, the opening of the campus sports venue in the jurisdiction is realized. Meeting the public’s near fitness needs, enhance the public to gain feelings, happiness.

On November 13th, with Guiyang Century Garden Primary School, Guiyang Mallard Middle School, the sports space of Miaduld Middle School is open to the outside, and the school sports space with open conditions with open conditions in Yunyan District is open.

"The construction of the two three reforms in a circle is an important people’s livelihood project to increase people’s livelihood, enhance the level of co-construction, and the relevant person in charge of the Yunyan District Education Bureau said that the Yunyan District Education Bureau is related to the relevant municipal party committee and municipal government. Require deployment, one of the main initiatives of the school sports venue as "building a 15-minute living circle". In the open principle of "scientific and open national sharing, one school in order to implement the order, the system guarantee classification management", Yunyan District combines the actual situation to plan the open area, mainly facing the school students, the community residents and organs around the school The openness of the employees of the institutions is open, and the opening hours is arranged in the two-day long (Saturday, Sunday, half a day). In order to effectively alleviate the contradiction between the broad masses of the people’s growing fitness and the inadequacies of sports venues, on November 13th, the 25 school sports venue in the Nanming District for public exercise is used in March 2022, Nanming. All school sports venues that meet open conditions in the district are all open.

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