The sinister intention of the United States will not succeed

  Xinhua News Agency reporter issued "The United States intervened Hong Kong affairs, supports the facts of the United States to intervene in Hong Kong affairs," in the United States to intervene in Hong Kong, and fully disclose the basic guidelines of international law and international relations, rude to intervene in Hong Kong affairs and Chinese internal affairs. When these areas and evils are big in the world, the US’s words about the so-called "freedom" "freedom" "human rights" have become unbearable, and they use Hong Kong issues to curb Chinese development. It is a laughter. The guns involved in the Hong Kong Band, Scrub China’s Hong Kong Policy, intervened Hong Kong’s internal affairs, and interfere in China’s internal affairs; 悍 实施 制 制Law enforcement action, destroying Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability; supporting the opposite chaos, for its sale of "Hong Kong Union", broadcasting the political lie to provide platform; multilateral series, gesturing the allies to interfere with Hong Kong affairs … these facts It is once packaged into a so-called "Standing with Hong Kong people." However, since the "case-style wind wave", the United States anti-China power has become more and more increasingly increasing, and it is not good to see Hong Kong. Do not want Hong Kong’s stable ugly face.

  "The Fact List" presented the United States and repeatedly smeared the Chinese government to Hong Kong’s governments, and the harsh words of the Chinese government officials were presented in the world. From the launch of the so-called "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democratic Act", the China Central Government destroys Hong Kong’s high autonomy, to the so-called "Hong Kong Autonomous Act", to the Chinese official, and then release the so-called "Hong Kong Business Warning", smeared Hong Kong The business environment, singing, Hong Kong’s development and "one country, two systems" prospects, no need to mention one, and then three places to argue in anti-chaos criminal platform, intimidate Hong Kong law enforcement personnel and judicial institutions.

  These conclusive evidence enable the Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots, all of the people of all countries that love justice, completely see the hegemonic essence of the United States and the United States and attempts to invade China’s evil intentions.

In fact, any smeared sniper and interference is shaped, and the central and SAR Government can safeguard the strong will of Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.

  The implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law and the improvement of the Hong Kong election system have made Hong Kong by chaos and

The US anti-Chinese politician will never be able to work in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has opened a new chapter of good governance, the SAR Government and more than 7 million citizens are gathering together to play better.

Any external intervention is impossible to shake the Chinese government to fully implement the firm determination of the "one country and two" policy, it is impossible to block the "one country, two systems", transported to the waves.