Stone House County: Special Towels

On March 8th, the Shuimin Media Center launched the theme of "Special Towels, the History of Learning Remaining Party", and the History of Studies. The event, the introduction of the media center innovation, integrating the "school history, telling the story" into one, 8 staff incarnation lectors, based on historical facts, led everyone to learn the party history.

"These are the examples of the times, I feel the power of faith from them …" The Media Center staff Bai Fang is busy recording video.

She said that this side is listening, while reviving heroic deeds, the red education is rendered, further strengthens the party’s cultivation of the scene personnel. "This activity is very meaningful, guiding the media center ‘half-side" firm ideals, stabilizing political position, performing outstanding performance, showing outstanding performance, adding brightness to news work. "After listening to the story, everyone said, preaching activities Getting the air, Into the heart, I feel the family’s feelings in a wonderful story, inheriting the red gene, and firmly firmly. The relevant person in charge of the Yishou County Rong Media Center said that everyone can be able to make a new job, show new and new, and every female compatriots have a chance of life and dreams.

(Xu Wen Yue) (Editor: Zhang Tingting, Zhang Linshan).