Wenzhou Dragon Bay sounds the door of future urban area

  "Wanting Life" is being implemented in Dragon Bay.

Jiang Guorong’s mission will return to the future city to return to the future city, everyone’s first reaction is the scene of Hollywood, full of smart high-tech and rich wisdom applications.In Dragon Bay, the standard is more durable.

  The main person in charge of the Longwan District Committee uses seven words to depict the overall architecture of the action program – the three-dimensional three graphic views of the three generations.It is, it is, it is to persist in people’s honesty, ecological, wisdom, and strive to build a charm of Dragon Bay, Green Longwan, Zhizong Bay, Komantu Longwan, Hub Longwan and other five new pictures, and build a Chinese style, Zhejiang identification, buttThe more style, the future life of Longwan characteristics, workplace and tourist land, fully launched the Dragon Bay "New Center · Big Future" City Brand.

  Once, in the description of Dragon Bay, the most words occurred in the industry. The outside world is inevitable, and the Dragon Bay builds the bottom of the city. "We have the foundation, there is an advantage, more confident." The main person in charge of the Longwan District Committee gave an answer. In recent years, Longwan has launched the transformation of 59 villages (blocks), accounting for more than half of the number of administrative villages, which provides a broad space basis for new urbanization. At the same time, Longwan started earlier in the future community, and took the lead in providing the nine major scene experience. The construction of Fuchun Community was ranked first in Wenzhou City in the province’s first batch of future community comprehensive indicators.

"Combined with such a situation, we propose the construction ‘future urban’" on the basis of future community pilots.

  Long Bay is ideally located, both the "main position" of Wenzhou to the eastern sea development, the "main battlefield" building in the integrated transportation hub, but also the core area of ??the country, the national high-tech zone, Zhejiang Science and Technology City, the location, The comprehensive advantages of transportation, and curse are very prominent. In addition, Longwan District has a high urbanization rate, and there is more balanced in the development of six streets in the jurisdiction. It can meet the future urban construction to meet the expectations of the masses to the future, beautiful life, realize the specialization of urban area, leaping. "Long Bay has developed in the future, can fully drive the development of the surrounding area." The main person in charge of the Longwan District Committee said. It is hoped to build a new version of the new sample of "Beautiful Home" in the future, which is a new idea, new model of the modernization of Longwan City. In the future community, it is a substrate in the future, is a modern basic unit of people-oriented core. As one of the first batch of pilot projects in the province, there is a variety of wisdom application scenarios in the Exhibition Hall in the Dragon Bay, which can clearly touch the future.

Through digital community, nursery, nursing homes, courses, etc.

  The neighborhood is dependent, the production city is mixed, and it is born.

The road to the building of Fuchun Community is just a minority of the future community construction.

  On May 26th, a good news was opened in Dragon Bay: the area was selected in 2021 Zhejiang Province’s future community creation list all-domain project, which became "unique" in Wenzhou.

According to the plan, Longwan will use the "urban brain + future community" application model, organic integration of the future neighborhood, education, health, entrepreneurship, construction, transportation, low carbon, service, governance nine scenes, and fully promote the creation of future communities.

According to the "5-10-15" minutes of life circle concept, combined with the characteristics of specialty industries and crowd, explore scientist communities, global thermal communities, youth Chuangke communities, etc. 34 multi-themes future communities, and strive to create a change in future lifestyle changes. A New Sample of Good Home.

  Lisin’s things, silk wealth.

In addition to the future community, there are other plans to focus on the plan. Future Park – Promoting the full factor, the whole industry chain, full-value chain, fully connected in the "Industrial Brain + Future Park" application model. In the airport small micro garden collection area, Zhejiang Science and Technology City and other key parks, combined with the special small town platform such as China’s eye valley, speed up the layout industry chain, reinforce the innovative chain, improve the elements chain, deepen the service chain, create " Digital life and digital production bless links "future park model. Future Street – Using "Small Street, Military Network" City Space Open Sharing Mode, exploring the landmark business circle fashion scene, cultural elegant scene, 5G experience scene, etc., to achieve "one news zone" Future Rural – Focus on "Beautiful Economic, Ecological Liviles, Cultural Persons, Four Governing, Happiness Life", Innovation Dragon Bay Future Country "Ten Scenes", build comfortable, feel, belonging, sense of security and New rural functional units of futurism. "Future City, it is to extend a future community co-line, expand the future, and promote the whole process of the future of the future, let future elements integrate into the park, block, rural construction, etc., the source is constantly Dragon Bay people brings high quality life.

The main person in charge of the Longwan District Committee further explained.

  In the future, the spread of the Practical Common Wealth New Carrier is in the future expert of the future community research center in Zhejiang Province. The exploration of Longwan’s future urban area will have a win-win: for the government, will build a new economic activity density center; In terms of the integration of production and study, you can explore talent vitality, thereby realizing drainage; for the people, it can meet the needs of their spiritual level, and naturally participate in the community life and governance.

  Ask for the people, ask the people.

During this year’s "two sessions", members of the People’s Congress of the Longwan District of the Dragon Bay District received a special material: more than 100 pages of "Dragon Bay Futun City Construction Action Plan Draft for Comment".

"I hope to seek public opinion, fully concentrate on the people’s wisdom, enough to see the determination of the district committee and district government to build the future city.

  Let life more intelligent, whether it is shopping, travel, or work, leisure, can enjoy the convenience of 5G network; let life more cultural, comprehensively build park circles, slow rings, fitness circles, reading cultural circles, medical Service circle, solve the school’s door, good hospital problem; let life more ecological, built a domain sponge, the whole area is not wasteful, build a three-level disaster prevention, anti-epidemic network … A item from the National People’s Congress, the Committee of the Political Consultative Conference , Becoming an excellent "gold descent" in the future city construction.