Wang Qingxian in Suzhou, Fuyang research

According to the unified deployment of the provincial party committee, from November 13th to 14th, the governor Wang Qingxian preached in Suzhou City and Fuyang City preached the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Party. He emphasized that we must study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China. In order to promote the actual results of the revitalization of the Northern Fujian.

Promoting the starting point of "Four Synchronization" is a new industrialization.

In Zhang Jiang Xiaoxian Higher Science Park, Xiangyang Hefei Modern Industrial Park, Wang Qingxian, focusing on the investment operation mechanism of the park, requiring market logic, playing industrial importer role, vigorously introducing special new enterprises, and speeding up industrial clusters with comparative advantage . The high starting point promotes informationization is the key to the future advantage of the North Yubei.

In Xunxung (Suzhou) Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Yishan County Takasi E-commerce Logistics Garden, Santaji Town, Fuyang City, Fuyang City, Wang Qingxian, in detail, new models generated by traditional clothing, food, agricultural planting and informationization combination It emphasizes the need to strengthen information chemical envision, promote the new development of traditional industries, and promote the province’s information development in the province.

Give full play to the advantages of human resources, promote employment, entrepreneurship, and Yiye, and is an important measure to promote "four-way synchronization".

When investing in Fuyang Technician College, Wang Qingxian emphasized the need to dock industrial needs, innovate school models, cultivate more high quality skills talents, and accelerate the transformation of human resources into development advantages. Wang Qingxian also visited the Suzhou City, the city, the city planning exhibition hall, Fuyang City Planning Exhibition, in detail the spatial planning of urban development.

In the survey, Wang Qingxian presided over the symposium, listened to the investigation of the "four-way synchronization" research on the Six City and the provincial departments to study the next step. He emphasized that the promotion of the "four-way synchronization" in North Yubei is an innovative job. To enhance ideological methods, transformation work methods, put market logic, and capital’s power as the main line, the mechanism of good use of markets "four Interaction, "Four" interaction should focus on project interaction, investment interaction.

It is necessary to use the open field of view to see the north in the comparative advantage, play the value in a larger coordinate, and displays the development. To establish market awareness, respect the market entities, start from the perspective of completed enterprises, and create a better business environment.

It is necessary to adhere to the interaction between counties, the interaction between the city, and strengthen the agreement, break the regional segmentation, implement the "Grouping" "Daries" combat, and promoting "four-way synchronization" to achieve more results. Wang Qingxian also took the "four-nor straight" way, and went deep into the Fengshan Garden Community in Longcheng Town, Xiaoxian, and supervised the central environmental inspectors and visits. Sino-Village transformation, better promoting people’s livelihood improvement and environmental quality improvement. (Reporter Wu Qiangliang) Please pay attention to the "Xinhuanet" WeChat public number.