Study the residual migrant workers’ wages and consolidate the results of poverty

Original title: Study the resolution of the resolved migrant workers, consolidate the poverty achievement, etc. This newspaper (Reporter Naixin) On November 8, the governor Wang Kai presided over the 138th executive meeting of the provincial government, and conveyed the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Spirit, study radical migrant workers’ wages, continue to consolidate the results of poverty, accelerate the construction of Zhenglo’s new self-creation zone.

  The conference conveyed that the General Secretary Xi Jinping was "the" Fighting Ideal Belief Complete Calcium ", at the opening ceremony of the 4th China International Import Expo, participated in the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress to change the election The important speech at the time of voting, emphasizing that it should always be absolutely loyal to the party, continue to build the ideal belief, based on the position of the ideal belief, tenacious hard work, brave burden, and strive to write a new era of the Central Plains more fluent chapter. It is necessary to strengthen the determination of opening up and confidence, play the advantage to improve the opening level, innovate the system-type open, create a first-class business environment, and promote Henan to participate in domestic and foreign economic cooperation and competition. We must adhere to democratic consultation, promote democratic management supervision, gathering people, and intensive people’s rights, and enhance people’s benefits to implement the whole process of various fields in various fields of the government.

  The meeting listened to the situation of radical migrant workers, emphasized the need to improve political stations, compacted partition responsibilities, clicking the number of owed salary, classified, and developed a targeted, operability solution, and established special The class accelerates the implementation. It is necessary to continue to deepen reforms to effectively solve the problem of promoting the incremental price. To strengthen supervision and assessment, strengthen supervision according to law, respond to social concerns, and safeguard the people’s personal interests and social overall situation. The meeting listened to the consolidation of the resolution of the poverty, stressed that the masses should not be resolved to keep the people without the chains of the poverty, and keep the attack hard, compact responsibility, accurate help, change the style, seek effectiveness, and fully consolidate Attack the job.

It is necessary to coelck the funds and policies to accelerate the post-disaster reconstruction of the poverty reduction, and support the resumption of poverty alleviation industry. It is necessary to continue to deepen the construction of the poverty and the effectiveness of the resulination, refine the goals, and do work, and truly let the people get benefits, accelerate the pace of agricultural rural modernization. The meeting studied the construction of Zhengluxin’s independent innovation demonstration zone, emphasized to implement the spirit of the 11th Party Congress, focusing on the project, institutions and talents, and strive to build Zheng Luo Xinchuang District into a high-tech enterprise incubation base, high-tech Technological R & D Institutions of concentrated districts and high-tech talents. To innovate the institutional mechanism in the first place, explore the establishment of more institutional mechanisms to adapt to innovation, incentive innovation, and drive technology innovation and industrial innovation through institutional innovation.

We must promote policy landing around the innovation, vigorously cultivate high-tech enterprises, and actively build the development platform to promote the development of R & D institutions, establish and introduce innovation funds to form a good innovation. It is necessary to enhance the innovation ability and radiation driving effect of Zhengzhou, promote the complementary, mutual support of Luoyang, Xinxiang and Zhengzhou, to achieve resource sharing, achievement sharing, system sharing, continuous improvement of the construction level and brand influence of homemade zone, to modernize Henan construction agglomeration Great development kinetic energy.

  The meeting also studied other matters.

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