Rog Player Country Wuxi Vientiane City Experience Store November 6 grand opening!

Rog (republicofgamers) Player country is the professional importer brand of ASUS. Founded in 2006, it is committed to providing professional, high-quality electricity equipment, product line across the motherboard, graphics card, laptop, desktop computer, game mobile phone, display , Audio equipment, network equipment, and e-sports, etc., is a favorite brand of global e-sports players and game enthusiasts.

On November 6, 2021, Rog Players were once again entered the business district. In Wuxi Vientiane City 3F officially opened, in addition to hard core and fault full of ROG equipment, there is also a favorite ASUS X ghost store, there are many The feelings of the second yuan enthusiast. Match your electricity belief this wave pet powder, are you can’t hold? In addition to Gamers, Wuxi Vientiane City has brought ROG equipment to Gamers. We also prepared a number of gifts waiting for players. In addition to multi-opening Hao Li, Rog also brought a visual feast of 2021 RogsJSL Star League.

The machine equipment used in the event is the ROG player country professional competition machine, and all the schedules, the competition, the content output, and the event executives are like the high-standards of professional events, which is designed to make all participants. Enjoy a experience like a professional event.