Zhong Fangda: Xiji will strive to achieve more than 100,000 liters of production capacity in 2026 to achieve more than 540,000 liters

Original title: Zhong Fangda: Xiji will strive to achieve more than 100,000 liters of capacity in 2026, achieve more than 540,000 liters of reservoir capability, 2021 Guizhou liquor enterprise development round table held in Guizhou Xihui, this meeting "first-class Theme of Products, First-class Enterprises, First – class Industries, First – class Production Area – Forging Guizhou Bai Wine Industry Cluster New Gold Times. The party secretary of the Jiji Company, and the chairman of the chairman Zhong Fangda as the theme of "Shenghang" 14th Five-Year Dream New Journey. According to reports, in 2020, learning is to achieve a million goals. "Overall, the momentum of the moment is now good.

Zhong Fangda said.

  For the main work in the future, Zhong Fangda said that in terms of production and construction, one is the high-quality supporting raw material base, and the learning wine will continue to strengthen corporate cooperation, increase the intensity of 小高 base, and strive to 320,000 bases Mu, reached 470,000 mu. And continue to increase the proportion of the package to support the proportion of the supplies, and serve the local economic development while ensuring high quality raw materials; the second is the construction of high-quality promotion projects, and the learning wine will complete the "13th Five-Year Plan" period this year. And supporting projects, providing wine for more than 20 billion yuan in 2025. "Xiji will reach 100,000 liters of capacity in 2026, achieve more than 540,000 liters of reservoir, to take a solid foundation for the future.

Zhong Fangda said. In the brand construction, Zhong Fangda introduced that the learning wine will adhere to the mid-high-end brand development route, continue to promote the brand slimming, and focus on building a large single product.

Cultivate consumer groups around the core single product to stimulate market vitality. At the same time, increase the development of foreign market development, deep cultivation of the nationalized market, build experience store system, improve channel operation capacity, stabilize value chain, enhance channel market competitiveness, help learning wine toward higher goals.

  Zhong Fangda also stated that in terms of technology innovation and driving transformation, Xiji will enhance the power of talents. By the end of 2025, the full-time technical research and development team reached 85 people and the degree is more master, introducing Dr. 1 to 2, cultivating Add senior engineers 2 to 3 people. In terms of ecological protection, the learning wine will be in the development of the ecological protection facilities in the development of the beautiful business card to build a learning wine in the Guizhou production area, contributing the power.

In cooperation, the concept of "open and sharing" will be closely exchanged with the "open and sharing" concept and the brothers of the same drink and the brothers of the same drink, strengthen cooperation, and jointly develop the first-class industry. The first-class production area, jointly guarding the reputation of good sauce, and the tree is good for the Guizhou production area.

(Gu Yue) (Editor: Dong Tong, Yang Di).