West: beef cattle breeding winter

This newspaper (Reporter Wu Chuanjuan correspondent Hong Lin) The weather is getting colder, and the Xinping Field of the Xinping Field of Honglin Township in Qianxi City is not panicked, because he has already prepared the winter "口粮". "Our farm has 1511 cows, which requires nearly 30 tons of silage every day. In order to ensure the supply of feeds, we have acquired the whole straw corn silage, and we have acquired more than 500 tons in the past one day. This winter is not afraid. This year, the city has put into central capital of 4.51 million yuan, planting thousands of silage corn grains, and plans to collect the whole straw corn green silhouette, and there is "grain" in the cellar.

Guizhou Yellow Cattle Industry Group Guizhou Co., Ltd. introduced whole straw millet silage processing technology, through strict control of corn harvest time, harvesting standards, from the source, the health of the Buffet breeding industry The continued development has laid a solid foundation.

With sufficient feed protection, Guizhou Huangniu Industry Group Qianxi Co., Ltd. plans to use "small-scale, large group" by "small size, large group" on the basis of nursing farms in Yongxiang Township in Qianxi City. Raising, achieving 20 or more largest cattle farms in 3 to 5 years, 200,000 in the column, and the fertilizer. "Our company plans to have thousands of mens, more than 5,000 pieces of beef cattle, add, joint venture or cooperation scale of more than 15 cows.

Chen Ji’an, chairman of Guizhou Huangniu Industrial Group, Quanxi Co., Ltd. 1 part of the village, 1 cooperative in Qili Village, Daguan Town, organized 1 family pasture to carry beef cattle breeding.

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