Yangzhou: compact pressure induced epidemic prevention and control responsibility to build "external prevention input" rugged line

Original title: Compression pressure, epidemic prevention and control responsibility to build "external prevention input" rugged line Yangzhou network news (Reporter Xue Shuwen) Yesterday afternoon, Han Quan, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over to convene an exhibition of anti-control video scheduling. He stressed that the current epidemic prevention and control situation is still serious, always tightening the epidemic prevention and control of this string, highlighting the focus of "external prevention input", compressing the four-party responsibility, effectively grasping the New Year, the epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival Terminal work, resolutely build the epidemic prevention and control and strong and strong lines, and strive to ensure the continued healthy development of the economic and society.

The meeting heard the counties (cities, districts), and the functional district on domestic high-risk areas to return to the investigation and control and investment and control of the New Year’s, the epidemic prevention and control work in the Spring Festival, and do a good job in current epidemic prevention and control work Deployment arrangement.

Han Yu pointed out that the extreme importance of the prevention and control work of the normalized epidemic prevention and control work is fully understood.

At present, the domestic epidemic still has a multi-disabled situation, and the epidemic in multiple cities in the Yangtze River Delta region has increased the uncertainty of the epidemic prevention and control situation.

At the same time, with the New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival, people’s liquidity is significantly enhanced, and "external prevention input" faces huge pressure. All units and the masses at all levels in the city must effectively improve the political station, and resolutely overcome paralysis thoughts, tall the mood, luck, and make peace of mind, and deliberately implement various epidemic prevention and control measures, and work together to consolidate the endless epidemic prevention and control Result.

Han Zi emphasized that the focus of "Outside Defense Input" is currently highlighted.

It is necessary to comprehensively press the responsibility, department supervision responsibility, market subject responsibility, personal health protection responsibility, and combine a variety of propaganda methods, and continuously enhance public epidemic prevention and control awareness. All levels of institutions, enterprises and institutions should be optimistic about their own doors, manage their own people; all kinds of hospitals, clinics, fever clinics, pharmacies must strictly play the "whistle" role of the epidemic prevention and control; "two stops A pier "To effectively play the" level "role of the epidemic prevention and control; various commercial complexes, large supermarkets, farmers markets, all kinds of hotels, tourist attractions, Wenbo Saton, etc., key parts must be strict Executive "Three Check Third Reports" and "Two" System; the majority of residents must strictly implement wearing masks, "one-meter", do not gather, not necessarily, from high-risk areas to return to the community or The prevention and control regulations of the hotel restaurant report; in accordance with the principle of "not necessary" "who hold, who is responsible", strictly control the conference, exhibitions, annual meetings, collaps, banquets; to accelerate the vaccination Work, precision scheduling, effectively improve the vaccination rate, speed up the construction of immunization barriers; strive to strengthen the construction capacity of emergency treatment, focus on increasing the traceability of the flow, nucleic acid detection, centralized isolation ability, closed-loop transport capacity, prevent murder and medical The ability to treat, to ensure that the epidemic occurs, can be controlled in place in the first time, disposed in place; strengthen the construction of the three-level emergency command system of the city and towns and townships, and consider the value of the battle, always maintain emergency activation. City leaders Jiaoqing standard, Hiwenfei, Yu Wei attended the meeting.

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