[Counting 100 Years] Guardian Zilong Shaoity Contributes China Power

  China’s World Heritage Family has expanded.

On July 25, with the host of the host, "Quanzhou: Song Yuan China’s Ocean Trade Center" project was approved by the 44th World Heritage Conference, officially included in the World Heritage List, became China’s 56th World Heritage .

  The heritage of Quanzhou application is a series of cultural heritage generated by the 10th century to the 14th century. It is distributed in Quanzhou Bay, which is at the heart of Quanzhou City, today, including Jiudi Mountain praying stone carving, city transport ruins and other 22 Heritage point. The World Heritage Committee decided to include the project in "World Heritage List", reflecting the reality and historical value of the international community to promote civilized exchanges, promote sustainable development, and build human fate communities. .

  [The quantity of Chinese heritage] With the increase in the number of world heritage, the World Heritage List is constantly rich. Up to now, there are 1154 world heritage in the World Heritage, including 897 world cultural heritage, 218 world natural heritage and 39 world culture and natural double legacy.

  In 1985, China officially joined the "Convention on Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage", and the first batch of 6 World Heritage in Great Wall, Taishan in 1987, was included in the World Heritage List, and then to Quanzhou Shenfu, in the past 30 Years, China’s world heritage has achieved breakthrough growth. Since the 21st century, it has been ranking in the world’s national and regional rankings. Up to now, my country has successfully declare 56 world heritage, including 38 cultural heritage involving various types of archeological sites, ancient buildings, and legacy lines, and the time is nearly a million years, and there is nearly 5,000 kilometers across the space. [China’s legacy protection is better than the international average] Under the ancient star, the World Heritage has passed the wind and cream, quietly, and witnessed the progress and development of human civilization.

It is now facing many threats due to problems such as urban expansion, excessive development, environmental pollution.

  At present, there are 52 world heritage in the world, and 52 have been included in the "Endistriopted" of the World Heritage. The management and system issues are the main difficulties facing the current world heritage protection.

  Although China’s heritage land is also facing all kinds of difficulties and stresses of mutual coordination, China’s 18 world natural heritage and double heritage protection are good.

  "2020 World Heritage Prospect" shows that China’s non-endangered state, the overall protection is significantly better than the international average.

  China’s significant achievements made in the world heritage protection are recognized by UNESCO and the World Heritage Committee. In 2021, my country’s Great Wall was named the World Heritage Committee as a model case of the World Heritage Protection Management. This is after the 2018 Grand Canal, my country’s World Heritage Protection Management has once again been this award.

  [Protection of the world’s treasure China has been in action] Protection is in action, my country has issued the issuance of the relevant laws and regulations and normative documents of the world cultural heritage, 136 specializes in the construction of the management, and the "one total multi-point" monitoring warning figures Platform and regulatory system, build a strong defense for world culture and natural heritage protection.

  At the same time, my country guides the world’s cultural heritage tourism and sustainable development.

In 2019, hundreds of millions of people walked into the world cultural heritage, experience the beauty of the ancient civilization and modern civilization, and promoted the sharing of the protection of the legacy protection. Chinese civilization is the only civilization from ancient times in the world, from uninterrupted civilization. The cultural heritage of China has huge, diverse, rich in connotation, is an important part of the intention of knowledge, wisdom, and art. It is an important part of human civilization and world civilization processes.

  The world’s heritage has a long history, and the road to heritage protection is longer, let us use action to hold the soul of cultural culture. Reference: Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Yangguang Net, World Heritage Center, National Cultural Relics Bureau, Culture and Tourism Department, editor: storm, Chen Kai, Sheng Jie (internship) production: Hou Ying.