Lu Wei: Intelligent audiovisual is to become a high-quality development innovation site in network culture.

Lu Wei said that the rapid development of the Internet has deeply changed the depth of public opinion generation and cultural communication, digital content production and intelligent network propagation, and consolidate the foundation for the improvement of network 上海哪里还有油压按摩 content and the prosperity of network culture. How to meet the development trend of the times, seize the opportunities of the wind? Lu Wei suggests that it is necessary to determine the correct direction, constantly grow the mainstream ideological public opinion on the Internet; adhere to the people-oriented, focus on promoting audiovisual culture, supply to the high-quality audiovisual culture to enhance the people’s sense, happiness; optimize content supply, carefully Create intelligent audiovisual boutique; promote the intelligent audiovisual industry, continue to make a strong intelligent audiovisual industry.

Lu Wei said that it is necessary to integrate innovation with digital technology, leading the high quality development of intelligent audiovisual industries.

To support cross-border, with science 上海静安区快餐小妹电话 and technology as support, to create a new type of business and digital technology to aggregate, continuously optimize audiovisual culture creation, and meet the new vision of the masses "virtual combination".

We must promote the support of content creation, product development, model innovation, improve the quality of audiovisual products and enrich the form of audiovisual products. To accurately match, explore new business models and cultural agents such as personalized customization, collaboration innovation, and constantly improve the communication power and influence of audiovisual cultural products.

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