“Wasn’t he transferred for negligence??Why did it pop up again?”
“They just dormant。Shelter from the limelight。”Ou Baobao picks vegetables for Huaiye,“Eat quickly。Deal with these people,Affect appetite。But the more it affects appetite,Eat more。”
Huaiye obviously really affects appetite,Can’t eat,But looking at it, it’s a treasure,But trying hard to eat,Bow your head,Started to eat too much。
The person sent by Zhang Xiaojiang,After arriving,I saw such a scene——The little empress and the little actor seem to have turned on a strange switch,In a very strange state and emotion,Eating。Although it’s not crazy enough to watch,but,Because the atmosphere is weird,and so,Looks a little scary.
Baby Ou stopped eating,Put down chopsticks,Wiping your mouth slowly,“Ok。”
Huaiye also stopped,Wipe your mouth,Then look at the visitor with cold eyes。
“.”on,A little scary。But at any rate, he was restored to the little empress they had seen,Come see each other,One of them speaks,“Ou Dong,please follow me。Mr. White,Please also。”
Huaiye stand up first,Holding baby,A protective gesture,Protecting Ou Baobao in the car。
Although I don’t know what happened,but,Huai Ye from the expression and abnormality of Bao’s face,I noticed something was wrong。Then,He will naturally protect Ou Baobao unconditionally。
They failed to make their own car,But after seeing all the work permits of the people over and the video with Zhang Xiaojiang,Got in their car。
Drove for about an hour,It’s supposed to be in the parish,After getting off,Baby Ou looked around,They are still in the city。Then,Just deliberately detour。
In front of me is a very humble unit,No sign,The gates are very old iron railing gates。Half open,Inside is an off-white four-story building,Ordinary to featureless,I can’t describe it。In other words,Just describe,There is an off-white four-story building,Windows are yellow,Door is yellow,The entire imperial capital,I don’t know how many such small buildings there are。