“gone,He goes to work。”Lin Yan saw Jiang Fan no longer speak,I am embarrassed to say:“mayor,I’m not good today,I’m indeed a bit nagging,Don’t be angry,I’ll treat those things as gifts….”
Lin Yan hasn’t finished yet,There was a knock on the door,Yao Jing hit outside and came in。
Jiang Fan stood up politely,Please sit down with Yao Jing,Then said to Lin Yan:“Secretary Lin,Director Yao is for the factory,You record。”
Yao Jing looked at Jiang Fan’s official business,My face turned red,But it’s hard to say。
Lin Yan nodded,Go back to my office to get my notebook,He opened the door and froze,Ding Yi is calling home,Wenwen sits beside and waits for her。
Wenwen stand up,Said:“Hello, Secretary Lin。”
Lin Yan said:“I’ll get the notebook,Wenwen, sit down。”Talking,I picked up the notebook on the table and went out。
Yao Jing did come to Jiang Fan for the factory。
original,A customer in Shandong ordered a batch of products,For this order,The cotton spinning mill has been talking to customers in Shandong for half a year,They are too late to make a contract。This time, the client learned about Kangzhou from TV,Immediately call to notify to sign the contract immediately。The cotton spinning mill at this end had already given up on this matter.,I didn’t expect the other party to sign a contract suddenly。If this business is taken down,Will be the biggest order this year。
Due to lack of capital turnover,The factory has no funds to buy raw materials,There is a financial crisis。Several major banks are gone,But I can’t get a loan for various reasons,Simpler procedures for rural credit cooperatives,But the annual scale of rural credit cooperatives has been used up,Can only wait for the scale to be applied,To give them loans。Yao Jing only thought of Jiang Fan,She waited at the hotel early,See Jiang Fan will not go back for a long time,Just called him。
Lin Yan took a peek at Jiang Fan,No wonder he walked to the hotel and came out again,I must have seen Yao Jing,Is it Yao Jing……Lin Yan no longer guesses。
After Jiang Fan listened,Looked at the watch,Said:“Secretary Lin, take this down,It’s too late today,Talk to Mayor Meng tomorrow,Let Mayor Meng help coordinate the bank,Even though the cotton spinning mill is an enterprise in North City,But it is also a key enterprise in our city,There are also dedicated factory leaders like Director Yao,We should work hard to make this happen。”Then he turned to Yao Jing,Said:“Director Yao,Do you think this arrangement works?”
Can see,Yao Jing dressed up specially today,Thin face powder,Beautiful,A professional dress of autumn color,Wrap her exquisite figure in patchwork,Around the neck is a small ivory silk scarf,It adds to the charming and charming of women。