what,Something like this will happen?

If you really think so,Then these things,It's really not a simple thing。

Xia Chao saw this first,Turn around and plan to leave。

But what about Ye Xuan,Just say:“Now that I have found it,You think,Can you still get out?”

at this point,When Ye Xuan finished,obviously,Ye Xuan itself,On the contrary, I didn't feel anything wrong with this appearance.。

And see here,at this time,Ye Xuan itself,I don't feel anything at all。

“You still confess honestly,Are there any accomplices?。”

“otherwise,What are the consequences, I think you should know better than me!”

When Ye Xuan saw this,Suddenly said。

The more so,In fact, when Ye Xuan saw this place。

in fact,Treat such things,Ye Xuan himself,Actually, I feel that this kind of thing has come very well。

“All right,In fact, the next words,There is nothing to be entangled in itself。”

“Next,You all prepare first!”

When Ye Xuan saw this,At this time, Xia Chaoxian suddenly realized this。

Ye Xuan now,Is to take him away。

“Do not,You can't take me away。”

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